A Note from Hattie

A Note from Hattie

June 4, 2019
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Dear Greg & entire Rock Fam,
Thank you so much for the love and support you’ve shown throughout my educational career. And most importantly, for my first job! I can never say how much Rockefeller’s has shaped who I am today enough. I truly feel that the lessons I learned as a hostess/waitress/bartender taught me more about life than any book or class could. You all have and will always be my second family. Thank you!


H. P.

This is a note we received from H when she worked her very last day with us. I hired her at 15 years old. She was so nervous. When I went to go grab some paperwork I saw her give her Dad a thumbs up. She worked with us through high school and college and for a little bit in the in between. Now she is a lawyer and getting married, and she’s really an outstanding human. The great thing about Rockefeller’s is that you are always family. We wish her the best as well.