Our Super Themed Frozen Party

Our Super Themed Frozen Party

December 19, 2019
3 min read
Olaf popcorn, Dominique hand drew all these Olaf’s on the cups.

In November we hosted a Frozen based event using Magic Wand Princess Parties to bring the Ice Queen, her sister, and the ice vendor. Shear Purrfection came in and braided the girls hair. All the food was themed, we played games, and had an awesome sing-a-long.

Elsa’s Snowballs. We love a good theme, and we went all out.
Magic Wand Princess parties does an amazing job.
The kids went crazy, I imagine it was like the Beatles their reaction.

The Ice Queen and crew came in and the kids went wild. Parents cried over the joy in the kids’ faces.

Melted Olaf yogurt cups
Frozen Shimmer Punch
Olaf arms
Melt a Frozen Heart with True Love Kisses
The #RockFam pic with the Crew
The Ice Queen sang beautifully and the led the kids in a sing-a-long
Sven’s favorite snacks
Coloring pages at the activity table
We decked the room all out and everyone loved it.

Thanks to everyone that came out and made this event such a huge success!