Let’s Celebrate all the things

Let’s Celebrate all the things

January 12, 2022
1 min read
This is me, at the place I go to when I am not at Rockefeller’s.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Nicole, manager, 50% of the social media team, and banquet coordinator for Rockefeller’s Grille! It’s a new year and hopefully you have something amazing to look forward to and celebrate. You must have a milestone birthday, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement, retirement, rehearsal dinner, wedding, class reunion, baptism, bar mitzvah, band spaghetti dinner, sports banquet, any and all of the things. I am ready. My phone has been going crazy, so I know people are ready to celebrate.

If you click here you’ll be taken to our banquets page where there are packets for luncheons, evening events, spaghetti dinners, graduations, and more. Our pricing is in the packets and we do not have hidden fees.

If you are looking to celebrate ANYTHING call me, 412-403-3317 or shoot me an email [email protected] to check on the availability. Take a look at the information and call me with any questions that come up.