Let’s Buy Jared a Drink Pub Crawl

Let’s Buy Jared a Drink Pub Crawl

February 13, 2022
2 min read

In the coming days look for table tents at Rockefeller’s Grille with a QR Code that can enable you to directly donate to The Freedom 13 non-profit for Jared’s Pub Crawl or tell your server you want to “buy Jared a Drink.” We will have a button on the computer between now and February 27th for you to donate $5. We will collect donations and send them in March 1st. Jared fought for our country and died before even being able to legally hit the bars and have his first official drink. He will never get married, find a dream job, or have kids of his own. Let’s buy Jared a Drink to help others that so selflessly fight to keep us safe and free.

The Freedom 13 was started by the parents of Marine Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz who was murdered in Kabul Afghanistan on Aug 26, 2021. Their mission is to help our veterans and their families who sacrificed some if not all of their lives for this country. Information can be found on their website here. Their focus is on veteran homes, recreational retreats, service dogs, jobs, and helping veterans with PTSD with existing organizations.

Our baker will be baking some boozy cupcakes and some n/a cupcakes to purchase for $5 each on February 25th while supplies last. The proceeds will all go directly to the Freedom 13 non-profit.

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Use the QR to donate now!