24 Years

24 Years

September 2, 2022
4 min read

In August we celebrated our 24th anniversary since the doors opened at Pennsbury Village Rockefeller’s. 24 years! Dave was saying something the other day about how he has worked here longer than someone else was alive, and I realized, “Holy crap! me too!”

We’ve been through a lifetime of memories here in the last 24 years. There were busy shifts we thought we would never survive. There was entire pandemic we had to fight to survive. There were hooks ups, break ups, weddings, babies, graduations, and loss. You name it, we have celebrated and mourned it all together for 24 years.

We have become part of the community too, attending golf outings, sporting events, giving out gift cards for various fundraisers, and sending food to local police/hospitals/ambulance/fire stations as a thank you. Some of us have even pet sat on the side, we’ve stopped by funerals for customers, we’ve attended weddings and anniversaries. Many of you are loyal customers, some of you have become friends, and others overtime have become a second family. I have watched so many start here as their first job, graduate, go to college, get married, have babies, travel, or find what calls to them. I love that for everyone. I’ve seen toddlers grow up and bring their dates here and instantly felt a million years old.

Something needs to be said about a company that has employees that still work from the day they opened. There are still a handful of us from day 1 and many that have worked here 5, 10, 15, 20 years. I have worked here since the first day we opened and I can say that most days I don’t mind coming to work. It’s a great environment overall. We work hard, we have fun, we discuss the world’s issues in the hallway when we aren’t busy. Greg and Dana lets us wear hats on hat day, they go along with whatever crazy Jillian and I come up with (restaurant Olympics is in our future), they laugh at my mean Valentines, they attend the Rockies at our holiday party, and they let me hide Easter eggs. (Basically, I make it fun, but don’t tell them that).

A long time ago, Albert came along and said, “hey, we should start a restaurant!” It took blood, sweat, and many walk-in cooler tears but 24 years later we are still here thanks to loyal customers like you. Thank you for being part of the #RockFam and here is to 24 more.

Thank you to everyone that has come in to eat, that has worked here, and to the owners who sacrificed so much to get this place up and running. Special thanks to Greg for always steering the ship even when the waters are choppy.

Love always,

Nicole (an A1 since day 1)